Marsha Hoffman Rising Genealogy


Brown Family (Ireland to Newberry, South Carolina, to Preble County, Ohio)
Descendants of Nathan Brown (c1731-1779) of Newberry County, South Carolina, Preble County, Ohio, Coweta County, Georgia, and Warren County, Illinois: A Presbyterian Family


Behre Family (from Celle, Hanover, Germany to St. Clair County, Illinois)


Deschner Family (Darmstadt, Germany to Harvey County, Kansas)


Hoffman Family (to Butler County, Pennsylvania


Jensen Family (Osterholz, Schleswig-Holstein to Harvey County, Kansas)


Mickley Family (Pfalzweyer, Alsace-Loraine to Butler County, Pennsylvania)


Molzen Family (from Munkbarup, Schleswig-Holstein to Harvey County, Kansas)


Robinson Family (England to Colonial Massachusetts to Bennington, Vermont)


Strain Family (from Ireland to District 96, South Carolina, to Highland County, Ohio)